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3& a shotgun wielding &phis iisse is,,ut i hope theyy finn him" him" the erson e threatened.. and what was in hii áotherá hand thht proved so destrrctive. --------------------------------- 3p get ready o sccatch. the conditions that re makiig phis one of the worst mosquitoo &pseasoos oo record.------------------------------- ------------------------------- &p the hot teeperatures agaii tomorrow.. but some neighborhoods coull see &pshowers. who has the bbst - chanceeof ain.. and how we could cool doww or thee forecast. p a scene.... that - pooks like ts straight out of this maasive dust clood -3& engulfed.. and the havoc it thousands of homes. 3 3 a man with a sleddehammer - aad a shotgun attacks aaspeed enforremmnt jeep......with a pan inside..... inside..... karen parks is liveealong 2955near 1--5 here
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says police are stillllloking for tte suspect.... happenee this morning.........nd while no - oneewas hhrt....traffic was downn......and sttil noosuspect.... -3& suspect.... 3 (18:066)e are just sitting here on the road(nats pf raffic)traffic at a standstill.(32:47)i guess i won't be able to mmke it 295 shutts down........(33:56)i juss peard from thess gentlemaa theee's a oose cass with a sledgehammer running around - bbshing speed camera's or something.... investigators morning.......a man with aa sledge hammer and hotgun attacced a speedd nforcementt jeep nnthe southbound side oo 2955jjst before the i 95 exxt......(18:19)if the guyy somebody ith aashotgun......-& backwindow
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with hhs shotgun...and got the attention offthe worker pnsidd.......thee the suspect walled to theefront of thee car... - winddhheld with is 3&pincooeeentll he couldn't 33& siad....(ssandup) investtgators say minutee after the usppct smashed the wiidshield he camm back throughhthhse woods and got away......((att) o shots 3&pshut down for & police searrheddfor the suspect....(19:04)nobody likes camera's except for hh state & government who oves it....--33 3 police dessribe the suspect as - white maleggey haii60--5 years &poll5'8150 lbssearing a red and informatioo yoo are askeddtoo immediately...
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3& we are trrckingga developing story in nootheast truck's tool box t the pollie &pimpounddlot.. policc are invessigating ow it wund up - there. they won't say ii this is a murddr -3 investigation, but homicide detectives are collectinn evidenceeon he scene. -3 3 police chargeetwo people wwth a stabbing in dundalkksunday night..- night.police say 27-year-old - aan marre preston... and her novak..... stabbed 33-year--od man after ann happeene near a high's store on broening road. novak is being eed without bail at the center. preston was reeeased on 500thousand dollars bbnd. 3 an easttrn shore maan harged -3 with exually abusing sven foster children is being sued. a ulti-million dolllr civil of failing ooprotect the
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foster children who were placed at meeritt's "last chance ffrm" innwicomico county. the suit also accuues mentor arryand ... foster 3 pontinuing to pllce hildrenn &pat the farmmdeepite complaiits of abuse. 3 baltimore ciiy police releese the emergency calls from last ponth's crash... that eet one oo teir own falling 30-feet from a highway. 3 myranda steeheen is live near theej-f-x... wiihhthe emotional calls for help. myrandaa - jenniffr, this is the area alonn i-83... where officer teeesa rigbb made that horrific falll ut w're now gettinn a better senss of how her colleagues rushhd to her aid... nd herrrrmarkaabe will to urvive. 3 00007 nats of alarm 04it was the morning of june 21st....- police get aacall for a ssgnall & 133: officeerin distress. 00:11 citywide report of a -3siinaa 13. i-83 northbound at -& theepepsi sign 155the all was ffo officer teress rigby.
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according to poliie... rigby was wwitinn or a tow truck o pick up a disabled vehicle on -3 83... whhn a car lost controll and lammed nto the back of her cruiser. rigby wasspushedd - overra wall... and down 30-feet to the onccete below. 01:27 they're tellinggme that & she may have wenn over hh bridge 33 butt butt butt 01::6 3 sign aad checkk1650 unnon for per 00 in a 20-minnte recording of the 9-1-1 calls... ou can hear a ppllce dispatccerrgettinggemotional assshe realizes wwat happened. &pshe ervvusly asks nother officer responding toothe crash - ii they've ound rigbby &::99ddd you find her? (loon pause)dispatcher: did yyu find her? (long pause) dispatcher: 33, did youufind 31? 44 then... in the idst of the &pchaos... n unexpected &preepoose from rigby herself. rigbb 3:03 this is 31! 5 dispatccee: gooahead! 06 it
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& heard from the injured offiier. 3cclleaaues... ffnally locatee her. offiier: 3:22 yoo gottaa go through the peppi plant. &pshe's inssie the pepsiipllnt 3 30 butt butt butt officerr 6:51 she is conscioos, but we neee that medic. dispatcher: 10-4. medics n rute. 57 fractured just about eeery poneeon the left side of her - bodyy she's now in rehab... and is expected o recover. so far... no charges have been - filed in the rash. live in nooth?? altimore, ms, fox45 news at ten. -33 3 you can heer more of the 9-1-1 - calls onlinn.go to fox- & baltimore dot com slash raww news 3 casey nthony could be preleased from jail tomorrow.... ...and one juror says shees sick abouttacquittinn her. her. yesterday - jury &pfounn her ánotá guilty of killing her daaghter, ccylee. & they ádiiá find her guiltt of lying to investigatorr.eech of those coonts arries a year
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already been in jail or almost 3 years... sse may bee sentenced to time served.ii an interviiw today... one of the &pjurors saiddttere just wass't ... an alternate juror aggees 3 the prosecutton didn'ttmeet thhir burden of proof. ww had a lot of reasonable douut evidence ttat was good ennugh for a conviction." conviction."the exact time and &plocation of casey anthony's kept secret to prooeet her safety. 3 theeverdict in thhecasey 3 cootroversy across theecountty..- photojournalist dave larson pent to the tot-lot in rodggrs parents here...had a lot to & say about the verdict. 3&p
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3 eaalier we skkd if you of ou saaynoo &pno.alisha writes on faccbook... ""'m so mad buttthere is nnthing i cn do r say too - channe tte verdict! 3 buu frrnk writies.." they ddi pointinn to casey. t was all
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-3 speculaaion, othing -3 conclusive." 3 tell us what you think. sound off thru facebook. & seed us a tweet at foxbaatimore. exttyour answer to 45-223. enter fox45a for yes. fox45b for no.hhar more responses toniiht & on the late edition at 11. -3&p the resident anddtop pongressionaa leaders face off tomorroo over raasing the pfderal debt ceiling......with - a notable hift innthe piscussion today podayhouse majority leader - eric cantor said losiig ttx loopholes could be parttof a ...áifá democrrts agreeddto renew ooher taxxbeneeits for ppposes rrising taxes....and senate republicans say closing tax loopholes should be done -3&pobama says:: the ddet ceiling - phould not be someehingg hat is uued as a gun aaaanst the 3 extract tax breaks for porrorate jet ownerr." owners..cantor sayss "yoo're taking dollars from thh very
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individuals and entities, weere expectiig o crrate jobs & pight nowwyou can't raise & 3 coming up in less than 22 ecooomm miggt have more to do wiih ixing the ax code... ...than wwth raisinn or lowerinn'ssour cover story later, on fox45 news at ten - 3 gas rices continue to roppslloly. slowllythe aaeraaeecost of a gallon of gas in maryland is 3 dollars and 56 ceets today...2 cents lowerrthan this ttme & last week.and 21 centsslowee phan this ttie last month. 3 cents higher than ttis timm laat ear, however poweverwe can help you find the best gas prices in your &pneighborhoodgo to ffx- baltimore dot com slash pumpp pptrol. 3 highhgas pricce re one reeson &&pdependence n oil.the group wanns cars o beea lot more 3 gallon......and ssys thaa
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would save people 9--housand ellctric cars... are even better. by using an electric carri'm payiig he equiveeant of 1 -3 ddllaa a allon... not 4 - think speaks to a lot of people & people 33 the group also enddrsss smaater planning... so morr peopleecan bike and walk to pwwrk . 3 ee rredy.....ts - mosquito season... &pand tonight, there's another pirrs..... jeff abell ssows us why state fficialsspre so oonerned. concerned. &p3 t riveria beech....the fish may not be biting.....but the mosquutos.... (1:30:50) "hey're flying around noww..." those mosquitos are findinggtheir &pplace. (1:30014)) "ttey've been around but they pasttffw weeks..." (lab -3 natt opens trap) at the
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departmenn of -3 griculture.....they 'reekeeping count....of & its peak seeson....and it cculd bb ne for tte 3 (1:20:45) (miid cannwwll) "should our wwathhr atterns continue thh way they are ann -33 ttddl activity ccntinues the way it has thhn we caa expect populations again thhs yeer...." as the mosquuto &ppopulltion does the -3 concern overrwest nile virus....esseccilly in bbltimore...which has tte greatest number of cases. (1:21:46) (ccntwell) "it is earll to predict but lass yearr we had a resurgence of west niie virus in marylann and the (1:31:30)) "its allwyy innthh back of your mind..... spend hhir time ootdoors, to weer epellent and protective clltting. (1:31:33) "you &ttke the pprcautioos you can pnd be aa safeeas you can e 3&&pit oulddbe tte seassn for record mmsquitos. & (1:33:04) "ontoothe next spot....." jeff aaell, fox 455 news at ten... 3 experts are urging
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homeowners to eliiinate standing water on their property, which can become a breeding ground forrmosquitts. - 3 3 "its very ddfficult to detect sooething once its bben puttin the body.. 3 body. bodd bombers.thee ssocckng way terroristt may be plotting to smugggee ombs petect. & pr. murray says: "i would ssy thhs is entiielyy unique--groundbreaking way of hearing. & 3 also hope for the -33&&phearing impaired.... whyythe &panswer... could be this device thht goes in yyur mmuthh.. pnssead f your ear. 3&p and 'm kkitt danielss he ssarch for the suspectssin the inner - haabor stabbinn.. .........tonight, weell hear from the llved ones he victim left behhndd....-& 3
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3 baltimore pplice remminn on the hunt tonight for - whoever stabbed an alabama man &pto death. keith atttck haapened.. aan withh suspect... keiih. & keithh jeenifer..... - joe calo ived in &&palabama.... but he ceeebrattd with friends heee monday...... p he was innvirginna & when loved onesssay heewas told baatimore gives a good he ccmee. and never made itt - back home................aad 3 lost a father. father. a wall in this park foo the's thh jim virginia.. thh place where -3 reilly's 1-year-old aughter last saw her atherr joe calo, alive.(reilly) "on father'ss pay, which is also her 3 reilly's x-boyfriend.. shee
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says he ws a man with a big hearr and that they wwre workkig to reccncile their relattonshipp ut city's july 4tt clebrrtion at phe innnr hhrbor killed alo and theirrplans.(reelly) i'm & girl is going to cooe tt mee one day and ass e what happeneddto her dad ad i'm going o have tootelllhhr. ann then she's going to aak why and i'm not going tt have theeanswer."..........someone fatally stabbed calo in thh -3 neck with a broken ottle during a fight outside pccorrickkand ccmick's seaffod restaurant oo pier 5. -3 he was 26-years-old.. pt's a hhoiday attack that's - devastaaed a fammlyy ncluding caloos uncle who's in virggiia ffom aaabama.(daasonn " he was tried tt take care of hiim as a.. to be tte favorite uncll. but, uh, he just won't be ttere no more.." police have relased a photo & by a tourist's digitall
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camera...the image of a person of interest. they also &pman they waat to uestion. 3&preilly's painful walk iinthe &ppark,,hurt more.(reillyy "hee needd to know the pain he caused lot offpeople. and he's sttll outttherr ann he could take ssme othee little girl's aaher.." -3 3 well deepite whaa happened.. calo's family iss & sending a publlc expreesion of gratitudeeto mayor 3 tonight. hey say the ciiy is paying o haae calo's bboy shipped home.... a ssgn &pcaressffr their losss... live at the inner harbor, - keitt daniels, fox 45 ews at tee. -& 3 the falllut continues from that violence att he inner harbor. as crime and justice repootee joy lepola tells us... tourists are worried about theii saaety....
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safety.... after heariig thht a maa was murdered during &foorth of july celebrrtions. 3 p(pkg)) in certian criiee pidden areas of baltimooe city... violenne and fear know like i'm sitting here and &pjust take a chance because i thiik i haae a right to come & out here to breath the fresh aar without somone trying o spears... lives in gilmore (jooaann 13::1:31 the violence has really gottee out of aad. - it's everrwhere just not at baltimore's inner harbor -3 seemeddimmune to the level of violence ssen elsewherr in the city.... that is until aa an -3 wws killed and a childd hot 4th of jjll irewwrrk..- tenssof thousands of peopll & hhy enjoyed those fireworks &pwiihout inciddet. sttll, some & offaafew... wiil have a ipple
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affect. sade benjamii works doon here and he says crowds already sem smaller. (sade) 3& was veey vew people llie the boats thee weren't even oving :26 annair of apprehension... -3 lisa pugh (wess virginia visitoo) 13:33:59 reluccant to come a little bit you know with everything we heerr with what's goinn on :05(??could be cut if needed) (llsa) 13:37:08 ii as trring to be aware where -people arounddme and things likk that your juss noo sure.(??) that is certainly noo what business owners want - to heaa.(alan) 13:22:21 is it a hundrredperccnn safe? no! &pput itts as safe as any place where ever you go. weee nott pponcerned aboot it we don't pike it of course 13:23:31 &&palan smmth... the owner of lennn's ddli just signed aaten year lease at harborplace. nearll 6- hundred police officers werr patrolling thht p(cole) 9:11:30 it's very frussratinggbecause i don'tt & know how you police it. but back in wwst baltimore &ppessdents say you can't let fear win out. 13::1128 the main thing is you don't givee &pup go back to the harboo enjoy yourself on't be afraid. & becauseewe shouud nottbe - llvinn
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in this world afraid oo &ptth bad peeple :11:41 in the -3 inner harbor joy leppla ffx 44 &pnews aa ten. 3 &p33 police are exploringgthe idea of setting up checkpoints pnd mettl detecttrsswwen large crowds gather in the harbor. 33& the ield of -3 pcndidates for tte baltimore mayor's office is now set. -3 a total of six candidates... includiigg currrnt mayyr stephanne for the democratic nomination september. 3 mayor stephanie office iice februaay of 2210.. wwen sse assumed the baltimoreecity clerk of courrs frank conaway senior is 3 p jjdy laaders served 2-terms in the baltimore citt 3thh grrater baltimore board of catherine pugh currently representssbaltiiore city in &pthh state eeaae.. she alls pfiveeyears.
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otis - rolley's experiencc in ballimooe gooernment came ass the directorroffplanning for 3 position for four yearss wilton wilson ounds out the candidates. 3 profession and haa never held a public office. &pcouncilmaa carl stokee was expected toorrn foo mmyor.. he has dciied to run for r- &peeection to is council seat instead.. thhre are also two republiians....and three & unaffillated candiddtes running.witt just over two -33 months...untii the & primary...the mayor...and hee ppponents...are ffcusiig on the issues.jjhn rydell tells & about.... p3 "mayor stephanie rawlings-blakee((pplause)." she's been ennorsed bb aa majooity...of tte bbltimore & city ptephanie &pprommttng her accomplishments. (mayor) "ww closed he worst bbdget eficit in modern historrywittout raising property taaes bb ne single penny."but the mayor's many &pppponentt...areenowwtaking & he incuubant.they'rr
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reflecting...on he weekend violencee..and whaatcan be done...toreverse the problem. (pugh) "we'veegot toocreett yeer rounddoppportunities for our young peoole and et a handle on our crrme iisues aa 3 particciation."former reeter baltimooe board ofeerealtorss executive jooy landers....ants to ccnvvne a summitt f community leaders....lergy...a nd even gang members.. (landerr) "you cannt be closing reereation ceeters and -3& not havvnggactiviiies for kids to be involved witt and then expect that they're not bee involved in streettactivities." otis blaming the more... to improve the citt's quality of life.(rolley) "we have a city hall that does not invess in education, that ddes not invest in economic opportunity, doess't even innest in real recreaatooal opportunities for our youth and then they're surprised phennwe haveevioleece." -3 (rydell) "ann wiih the field - set, the mayor says she is reedy to debaae her opponents and her campaagn staff is ppeparing at leest foou pebates, a least one wwll be -3 televissd.."mayor) "we'll make sure the issue." and tte mayor'' many opponents...sayy hey're
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anxious to finaaly debate thee - nnes at ten. 3&pphe primary for hh mayorrs race in tuesdaa, seepembee 13th. -3 3&pfox45 is stepping up to helpp baatimore vote.tte "fox45 - 3 among the candddates foo mayoo will bb monday, augustt29th,, at 7 p-m... live in our studdos.all of thh candiiates ffo mayor have said they will attend......áexceppá incumbent stephanne rawllnns-blake... ...but she said he is issuee. 3 3 3 &p3 -3 3 3 3 3
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3 youucan -3 be in charge of your ownn - i-radar is now available at & your street. go to foxbaatimore dottcom ssash i-radarr-p3 3 "its veer difficult to detect sommthhng once its been puu in the body. bodyy body bombers.the shockinggwaa
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terrorists may onno airplanee..... ann why they may be impossible to detect. 3 robyy says: "the ssiencc f economics is looking at &punintended conseeuences." -3consequences.. 3 raise taxes...lower taxes...or something eese?...a look aa the wayysomething else could fix the our coverr story... after the
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,3 fixinn the economy--- wann lower taxes o stiiulate invessment.... -&ppthers advocate higher taxes. ii ttrns out it could be áhowá we collect taxes that could be the real problem. problem..- 3 bbsh says: ""ead my lips, no new taxes."it soundssgood... but does loweeiig your taaes &pbennfit the economy more than if hat money were coolected bb the government?baily says:: -paxes, that would provide some &pstimuluusto deeand, ittwould puttmore money in people's 3 money to spend. now, the, -&pthhe- havv to say he problem -3 with [sic] is that we have these huge budggt deficits. so while on the one hand ou pther hhnn, you'ree -3 problem or as much to this problem of the, of the big deficit. rrgy ays: "government aannt create wealthh i mean, come oo, ww told us that by spending 3 actually creete jobb, enhance, you know, creete wealth and -3 we've ssee hat it hasn''
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wooked. "hiitoryy s fll of examples that support bothh views. the reagan ears saw tax cuts and a ggowing economy. the clinton yeers saw taxxhikee andda growing eeonomistt say it's never as simple as raising orrlowerrng oo economicc is ooking at unnntended conssquences." ne uuinteedee consequence of ax -3policy occurred in 9911 when - luxury goods. bmw and mercedes lost 20 percent off tte markettshare. 19-thousand blue-coolar workerss in the ppeasuue boat inddstry were - laid-off. and it ddesn't hhlpp ptat the ttxxcode is so commliiated.141350 im nnt evvn pure how you do it now.likk - lot of aaericans, brett mcmahho doesn't understand hiis 3 - a constructton company hat ptarted out as two guys in a pick-upp ruck in 1947 wiih
10:32 pm
totallassets of 26-hundred, ii's aa& multi-milllon dollar &&pconstructiio company eempoyingg &pmoreethan a ttousaad people. mcmahon believes the current - tax and rrgulattry envirrnment -3 young entreepeuneurs to modell his coopany's success. it usedd &pto be that weehad a very pimmpe ssetof instructtons that everyone could minddnumbing complexity of taxes and regulation, mcmahon 3 1962. itts wwittee on one &pfrom thee1990's fills an inch thick inderr today - it would fill three binners. and the mmmahoo)it was 33-thouuand & the constitution is four pages and covvrs everythingg iis just cant run a railroaa liie that."many ecooomists agree.(sot markk
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robyn tax foundatton)16:09:39 - in: you want people o ake - decisions that are ased on -3 pood economics - not what loopholeecaa i fiid in the tax code."ttere rr eecouraging signs. from both endssof pennsylvania aaenue , there ii agreement to simpplfy the - corporate tax code.(sot obama yyu tube ress onf frommfeb 15th 2:57)in: " the whole concept oofcorporateetax - reform is to simppify, &pelimmnate looppoles, and tteat - evveybbdy fairlyy"economists agree loopholes arr a huge ssurre f revenue loss.(sot mmny that don't nned to be theree if we could get rii of those, we could cut theetax revenue anddbeemuch bettee loooholes, many companiis are certain to deploy armieesof lawyers and lobbyists to capitol hill. 3&p ss it reaaly looks like the onnging talks on thh buddet aadd simplifyiig the tax structure will be a true test of 3 3 "itt very difficultt o detect somethinggonceeits been put in - body. body bombers.the shookkng way terrorists may &ppe plloting tt smuggle bombs - onto airplanes..... and why they may be immoosiblleto detect..- 3 ..and how fast this wall of - dust was it
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knncked out power to thhussnds -3 of ppople p3 3 3
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3 33 &p
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3 it looked like something out of hhllywood..... a massiiv 3 of arizona last night.take a look at this time-llpss video & p.. you can see a mushroom phoenix area.the all of dust &was at least 0 miles wide... pushed by winds of ore ttan & 66-mmlee per hour. it knocked out power to thouusnds oo people.... and shut down the &pairport... grounding flights 33&p new wwrnings from the transporation sscurity &padminiitration thaa terrrrists -3 lengths to sneak ombs onto planes.. p the government reeeesing informatioo that 3&&psurricalyyinseer expposivess inttotheirr odies... to take áánotáá a new concept. brookes says: "its very - difficulltto
10:41 pm
deteec something 3 but theebest we can do i think is hht there might beesome &&palloowa sniffing dog to detect it"-3 it"aaparently right now there are no áspecificááthreats. -&p3 pa big announcement rom facebook... the new & featurr.... that could ccanne 3 priends onlinee... 3 dr. murray says: "" wouud say thhs ii entiiely uniiqe--groundbreaking way of heaaing..-hearinn. 3 impaarrd.... why the answer... could be this device that goes &pinnyour mouth... insttad of pyurrearr
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,3 the hhgh you get from eating fatty foods ... mayybe rellted toothe way you feel after ssmkiig marijuunaa the same meehanism that gives pot ssokerr "munnhies" --- coold explain why peopll crave fatty a reccnt study.... scientists gave rats fft, -sugar and protein ... and - monitoree what happened. they found only thh faa triggeree cceeicals in the &panxieey and appetite. the findingg ould lead to 3paal fooddcravings. 3 a mmdical breakthough ... is giving hope to people ith a -33 major
10:45 pm
hearrng impairmentt 3 3 the smallldeviie... implannedd in theemouth... uses & vibrations to improve hearing... in patients who are deaffon one side. it's peeple tried the device uring & an f-d-a ssudy.... all of them noticed aadifference... 3&p3&pjason sshlton says: ""o what happens here is jjst llke when you crunch on potatoe chipp--ann you hear that sound through yoor teeth--this is in effect hat it does." -3does." the deeice is expected to be available next month...... it ccsts abouu seeen - thousand dollars... which & insurancc. 3 & - 3 a major announcement from peaming up witthskype... to launcc video calling..... 3 3 &3 c-e-o mark zuckerberg... -& unveeleddthe new feature & todayy.. now, whenevve youu browse a friend's ppofile, you'll see a new ccll button. click ttat... and your frienn can acceptt... an innitation &p3 "we hink thissis awesome.... oq: in order toocreateesome really cool scenarrois." &pscenariois." &p3 right now.... you
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3 caa onny skype one friind atta timee.... but zuckerberg hinted that group video caals pould happen in the future. 3 and next ime you're logging on ... be sure to follow us on faccbookjust go tt acebook dottcom slash foxbaltimore 3 3 as thhir grueling roaa trip continues, the orioles are searching for ssme ppsitiveesigns...and they thiik they'vee founddone in lasttniiht's pitcher...bruce cuuningham has &punlimited... 3 3&
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the oriolls try to salvage at least one win in texas...brucee cunningham joins us noo in -3spprts unllmited ... ....- 3 .comiig up ttnight on ports unlimited... 3 3 .theeroaddtrip has beee a big fat ust so far, bbt thereeis 3 encouraged about...the birrs 3 perrormance from a brrnd new starter...a former ravvn ii

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